Our Solutions for Non-profits

Let us increase your organization’s digital presence, reach and impact.

We have experience working with Non-profit organizations, helping them to:

  • Optimize their websites to get more potential volunteers and sponsors

  • Strengthen their brand image

  • Create strategic Social Media content to connect with all stakeholders involved

  • Develop a community of people who enjoy helping others

We understand your needs and we create solutions tailored to them. Integrated Systems designed specifically for nonprofit organizations.

Company of Ingenuity & Solutions

Integrated System

Integrated Systems designed specifically for nonprofit organizations.

  • Website Administration

    Manage everything shown on your website, no need to contact the system engineer or website provider for updates.

  • Users' management

    Manage Users and Permissions. Easy and intuitive.

  • Donations

    Keep track of donations, donors and download reports and certifications.

  • Volunteers

    Potential volunteers can apply online. Volunteers database and email notifications for new applications.

  • And more!

    Since every organization is different, we adapt and we create the modules and features you need.


Social Media Management

We build communities, we give you a voice in the digital world.

Ilustration of Social Media Management by Ingenuity & Solutions

You impact the world... and we let the world know what you do!

You impact the world by Ingenuity & Solutions
  • We are here to support your mission.

  • Relevant content creation, based on your specific goals

  • Fundraising campaigns

  • SEO/SEM Strategies to reach more people

  • Shareable content

  • Email Marketing