Digital Strategy

We create compelling content to connect with parishioners and church members.

  • Social Media content creation.

  • Engaging Videos.

  • Relevant messages about the gospel.

With Our Digital Marketing Strategies your church will be able to:

  • Engage in a deeper way with the community
  • Connect even more with parishioners in this digitalized world
  • Reach more people to get to know you and your message
  • Keep your community members always up to date about events and announcements
  • Share the best moments from events and masses

Social Media has now become an important tool to bring the community together, remain active in the faith and touch more hearts. Understanding current dynamics and social behaviors imply adapting to satisfy everyday needs. The spiritual message is vital for many people, so it is essential to reach those who need spiritual support. Our marketing strategies will allow many more souls to be reached. Our goal is to build the bridge between parishioners and religious entities.

Reverend by Ingenuity & Solutions

Nowadays, finding new ways to communicate between religious entities and the community is crucial. The use of the Internet and social networks allows us to reach more people to spread of the spiritual message. Digital marketing creates a community by promoting an emotional bond between churches and parishioners. This interaction allows achieving a significant impact on society. The main goal is to test tactics and adjust strategies in real-time to provide better technical support and service to the community. In addition, digital marketing strategies are lower cost than most traditional marketing strategies, which makes them accessible to small and medium-sized businesses and religious entities.

  • Weekly Devotions to reflect about teachings.

  • Updates about events and important announcements​.

  • Creation of engaging posts with Bible Verses according to the Daily Readings of the Liturgical Calendar (if applicable).

  • Personalized posts for Social Media according to the specific requirements.​

Some content we create for our clients:

Post of Instagram by Ingenuity & Solutions
Post of Instagram by Ingenuity & Solutions