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Ingenuity and Solutions LLC is a private development company based in Hartford, Connecticut.

We design and implement cross-platform business workflow solutions that solve critical business problems and improve productivity for our customers. We help our clients by providing personalized, single-source hosting, digital marketing and website design services in harmony with their business focus and operation.

We are agile, active, we listen carefully, we seek innovation, always working as a team in a rigorous and transparent way with a high sense of customer-oriented service, ready to exceed their expectations.

Our Team

  • CEO

    Carlos A Vega


  • Project Manager

    Daniel Peña

    Project Manager

  • Book keeper

    Sharon Fierro

    Book keeper

  • Senior Developer

    Camilo Loaiza

    Senior Developer

  • Front End Developer

    Cesar Triana

    Front End Developer

  • UX-UI Designer

    Edinson Castañeda

    UX-UI Designer

  • Sales

    Jose Murgas


  • Graphic Designer

    Luisa Cruz

    Graphic Designer

  • Content Creator

    María José Cruz

    Content Creator

Our Vision

We intend to be a reference in the national and international market in the ICT sector, offering innovative solutions that generate value to our customers, employees, shareholders and society.

Our Mision

Offer our customers global and technologically innovative ICT solutions to increase their competitiveness, giving them a competitive advantage in a changing world dominated by ICTs.

Our Values

Our values represent our identity as a collective.  We are agile, active, we listen, we seek innovation, we work as a team in a rigorous and transparent way with a high sense of customer-oriented service.


  • Always ready to help
  • We listen and we understand your needs
  • Local market experience
  • Always purposeful and creative
  • We make things happen
  • Customized solutions at affordable prices

Let us be your business’ growth partners and support you.

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